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Post Exploration to Prometheus

Posted By darkwitchery on Jul 16, 2012 at 3:10AM


E- Value : 7.5/10
Plot : 6.5/10
Acting : 6.5/10(Noomi Rapace & Michael Fassbender) 6.0/10 for other cast

Soundtrack recommended: Linkin Park – In The End

In 2089, two archaeologists Elizabeth Shaw (Noomi Rapace) and Charlie Holloway (Logan Marshall-Green) discover an ancient sculpture pictograph which reflects a man pointed his finger to a distant extra-solar planet. The accidental discovery leads them yet another speculation of an invitation from the creators of the original mankind. Those creators are named by them as ‘Engineers’.

On June 22nd, 2091, a crew consists of Elizabeth and Charlie travels to the distant planet by a special built space vessel, Prometheus set to explore the background of the ‘Engineers’. The expedition is funded by Peter Weyland (Guy Pearce) the late CEO of Weyland Corporation who appoints his daughter, Meredith Vickers (Charlize Theron) as his ‘surrogate’ to monitor the whole project alongside with an artificial intelligent android, David (Michael Fassbender) designed by Peter to be the ship’s butler cum maintenance ‘man’.

Upon the arrival of Prometheus to the planet, Charlie leads his crew to a cavern. One of them accidentally flips a switch which sending out a hologram of an unknown extraterrestrial form of lives sprinting through the crew and mysteriously decapitated. Two geologists decide to walk out of the place immediately and return to Prometheus as they completely terrified with the bizarre event. Meanwhile, Elizabeth and Charlie with the rest of crew stay to study on what they’ve found.

But soon when some immense storms abruptly disarray the situation, the crew quickly rushes back to Prometheus while bringing back the head as specimen. Upon their safe arrival, they find out that the two geologists who had left earlier have yet to return.

Meanwhile, at lab section Elizabeth carries out some post mortem. Things gone awry when she injects some chemical into the head, the dead tissues turns out becomes alive and explodes. Elizabeth picks up some of the crumbled pieces to perform experiment. It surprises her as it leads her to another finding that DNA strand of specimen is in fact genetically similar with human.

On next day, Meredith makes a call for a search team but only to find the two missing geologists seemingly attacked by something and ripped to shred…

Prometheus despite is one decent sci-fi at whole, it would be such an overrated judgment to classify it as masterpiece in relativity with Pitch Black(2004), Aliens vs Predators (the original first film – 2003) and Aliens Resurrection (1997) of which are the examples of wondrous, memorable and timeless space odysseys.

If Prometheus is originally meant to be the prequel to Aliens, it doesn’t make sense as the first film of Aliens which starred by Sigourney Weaver set in 80’s while Prometheus first and foremost, in futuristic timeline.

Another illogical scene is the final scene when the two remaining crew flying Prometheus and rams into the engineer’s vessel, but yet there is the lack of explosion’s impact despite with both vessels with full tank of oxygen, fuel and live wires?

Last but not least, the specimen of the head which Elizabeth performs the post mortem, if it reflects as what it is through the DNA results, then why it still alive after two millenniums..?

Although Prometheus flaws at certain unsettling points, those flaws can be potentially intriguing. Particularly part where the smarty pants, Elizabeth has yet to suspect the one who causes the death of her fiancé despite with so many inklings uncovered and also the android, David - is he good or bad. Um… sequel, may be?